Backscatter X-ray

8880BZD Multi-energy Backscatter

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The precision of the technology of a multi-energy backscatter X-ray comes together with a generous tunnel size in the Autoclear 8880BZD. Autoclear’s unique single X-ray focal spot design creates identical pixel-for-pixel overlays of both backscatter and transmission images to produce better views of concealed objects, and display areas of concern in bright color. Like its sister machine, the 6444BZD, the 8880BZD scanner features a single generator. This breakthrough approach is designed to lower operating and maintenance costs, reduce dose exposure, improve image analysis ergonomics, and reduce the system footprint.

  • Safety note: Uses the smallest X-ray dose in the industry.
  • Cross-enhancements expose threats with revealing dual technology further by automatically highlighting items that have characteristics similar to organic contraband.

Aperture Size

88.9 x 82.1 cm
35.0 x 32.3 in.


168.0 x 156.0 x 171.0 cm
66.1 x 61.4 x 67.3 in.


830 KG
1830 LBS

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