Use Autoclear’s PROVEN Fentanyl Detection Method

Easily Detect Dangerous Trace Narcotics

Fentanyl has over 25 different chemical forms- easy to smuggle and inexpensive to make. Scintrex designs reliable detection to ALL forms of  Fentanyl.


Trace Detectors

Accurately detects fentanyl and derivatives

No export permit required

Accurately detects fentanyl and derivatives

Accurately detects fentanyl and derivatives

Accurately detects fentanyl and derivatives

Trace Detection

No export permit required

No export permit required

No export permit required

The ideal narcotics detection solution for multiple customer applications

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Corrections Officer

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Mail Screening

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Law Enforcement

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The Best Combination: Trace Detection & K9 Units

Protecting our k9 companions

K-9s have an advantage that no trace detector has been able to match: their sense of smell is unmatched. They can track a scent to a hidden location of a smuggled drug. However, dogs don’t identify what types of drugs are found – a chemical analysis has to be done to confirm the type or the mixture of narcotics that are found.

Alarmingly, if K-9s inhale a mixture containing fentanyl, they can overdose and (unlike people) cannot be revived using an antidote like narcan. Many amazing dogs are being lost in operations.

The N-2300 detector can be used harmoniously with dog teams to help avoid harm to the animals and their trainers. In fact the N-2300 has been used as a system to help train dogs as narcotics sniffers.

If you already employ a K9 Team, trace detection can work together with your handlers to ensure more drugs are detected and K9 units stay safe. Nothing replaces a K-9 sniffer dog or their handler!


Illicit Drugs are a $32 Billion-Dollar, Global Industry.

You can Help Change that.

Every second, drug rings are finding new and unique methods with which to smuggle millions of illicit drugs across borders and into banned facilities. Minute traces of drugs linger on surfaces, allowing trace detection methods to reveal the presence of potential larger hidden quantities.

Autoclear and Scrintex’s Trace detection Solutions can detect fentanyls added to street drug mixtures made by criminals to enhance the potency and addictive properties of recreational street drugs. These dangerous mixtures may contain as little as 2% fentanyl added to cocaine, amphetamine and others, causing overdoses. The N-2300 can detect the main drug along with the small but toxic fentanyl, identifying both simultaneously.

This revolutionary approach to the war on drugs is not only helpful in locating shipments of narcotics – but also money being laundered, guns and weapons, trafficked individuals, and more! By detecting and alerting authorities to the presence of illicit drugs, law enforcement can be alerted to and help prevent criminal activity.

The N2300 Vs. The Leading Test Strip

common challenges when using test strips

False positives

Out-of-class compounds with structural similarities to the target class (e.g., opioid class) can result in high frequency of false positives

False Negatives

The structural diversity of drugs within the same class (e.g., benzodiazepines), make it increasingly difficult to manufacture a single assay to confidently screen for all target substances without compromising selectivity

Subjective results:

While manufacturers recommend to interpret the presence of a test line, regardless of its intensity, as a negative result it has been suggested that a more liberal interpretation is necessary, such as clear positive, positive, weak positive/ambiguous and negative


knowing the correct way to communicate such results may be context-specific.

Use Autoclear’s PROVEN Fentanyl Detection Methods

The Science Behind Fentanyl Detection

Fentanyls, a class of highly toxic synthetic opiates – come in over 25 different chemical forms – easy to smuggle and inexpensive to make. Now, with Scintrex’ hand-portable N-2300 detector, there is an easy, powerful way to detect Fentynal in ALL of its forms. The N2300 uses gas chromatography (GC) coupled to a surface ionization detector to separate and identify illicit substances. The use of GC is a mature technique found in most laboratory analytical instruments.

Using the N2300, law enforcement can detect Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Ecstasy, Cocaine, CBD, CBN, THC, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, diazepam, morphine, codeine, heroin, fentanyl and derivatives.

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For over 30 years, we have made non-invasive detection of contraband our specialty and mission. Our main product lines, including X-ray Scanners, Walk through & Handheld Metal Detectors, and Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection Systems, have earned us a distinct niche in the industry for many years
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“The Autoclear N2300’s superior narcotics detection capabilities and low cost of ownership has made it a key part of our narcotics interdiction efforts. 
– Senior Customs Official, Asian Customs Agency.

Trace Detectors


Yes because mixtures are “separated into single entity” in the GC.For example here are some detection of mixtures:

GC SID for Fentanyl and others

Detecion of Heroin Fentanyl

No export permit required (unlike most IMS or MS instruments).

A common problem with IMS trace detectors is that, while they are very sensitive, they contaminate easily due to their sensitivity and take a long time to “clean” until they can be ready again. The N-2300 is more resistant to contamination and clears more rapidly. This is important during active service operations.

Scintrex respects K-9 teams and we love dogs! Dogs are remarkable because they can track and can detect through the air. But we are not in competition with them! When a dog team is not available, the N-2300 can always be available. The best possible combination is a K-9 team + a Scintrex N-2300. In fact, dog trainers use the N-2300 to help train. Fentanyls unfortunately take their toll on K-9’s and in the best practice modes, the N-2300 can be used to help protect officers, agents, handlers and dogs alike from fentanyl overdoses. Scintrex and K-9’s are partners, not competitors – and are in this job together.

Simpler to use and can be used for different narcotics, whereas with test strips they are specific to one compound (therefore one would have to use multiple strips type to correctly identify the illicit material).

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