Help keep faculty and students safe from drugs, vapes, and violence!

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Autoclear’s affordable and reliable x-ray scanners and metal detectors help take the guesswork out of school security.
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Security Inspection System




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Systems for Success

5333DVS X-ray Inspection System

Safety Inspectors
Designed to screen small to mid-sized items for weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband, the single-source, dual-energy 5333 X-ray scanner is fast, rugged and easy to operate. Makes fine lines appear much sharper and larger on-screen.

Super OmniPlus Hand Wands

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The innovative Super OmniPlus detects the complete range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from every direction, no matter how the grip is held. The unit is optimized for rapid searches and allows the operator to work at a greater distance from the person being scanned.

Unsure what system works best?

Schedule a FREE Checkpoint Security Consultation

Our security team would be happy to review the details of your facility size, location, and access points to help build a security system perfect for your space!

Unsure what system works best?

Why You Need Autoclear.

Establishing a security checkpoint can help schools prevent the entry of prohibited items like knives, firearms, vapes, explosives, and other dangerous objects. When used in conjunction with trained security personnel, Autoclear’s Weapons and Threat Detection Package can improve the checkpoint’s efficiency by offering a layered approach that scans every person and bag.

Our Process

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Our team offers free consultations to get the right security setup for your facilities size, entry points, and top concerns. Our equipment is compact and easy to use, so your staff and students don’t experience any wait times.
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Installation and Training

Once the x ray scanner is purchased and delivered, Autoclear will install it and train your staff on how to operate the x ray scanner and how to properly ID the items within the bags. Training is fast and easy, allowing us to train up to 30 staff members within 1 hour.
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Easy Usage

Students and staff entering the school’s property will place their bags or other items on the conveyor belt or have our hand-held wand passed over their bags. Your security team can now easily evaluate the viewing within 2-3 seconds to determine if a specific item needs to be rechecked.

“The BEST Product!” - What Schools are Saying

“To keep our students safer, we now screen their bags and backpacks with Autoclear X-ray systems – for the money I believe Autoclear delivers the best product and their service has been outstanding.”
– Supervisor, Safety & Security, Major Urban School District

Unsure what system works best?

Autoclear’s x-ray and metal detector solutions detect vapes and other contraband!

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About Autoclear

A Brand 30 Years Strong

Proudly headquartered in the USA, Autoclear LLC specializes in designing, manufacturing, and providing exceptional support for high-quality security X-ray scanners, metal detection systems, and advanced detection of trace particulate and vapor explosives and narcotics. Our company serves clients worldwide, including companies, government facilities, militaries, customs, agricultural and electronics inspection, public venues, and events, offering advanced and high-quality lines of security equipment.

For over 30 years, we have made non-invasive detection of contraband our specialty and mission. Our main product lines, including X-ray Scanners, Walk through & Handheld Metal Detectors, and Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection Systems, have earned us a distinct niche in the industry for many years
Security Checking
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Yes – all Autoclear products meet or exceed US government and local safety requirements.

No – Autoclear x-ray products are designed for ease of use and ease of training.  Operators can receive basic training in less than one hour.

With a dedicated manufacturing facility and decades of experience, Autoclear prides itself on manufacturing the most reliable x-ray scanners you can purchase.  We have customers who have used Autoclear systems for decades.

Yes! There is a reason why Autoclear is the school safety leader – our x-ray scanners offer the best value for the dollar! We have solutions that can fit any budget and thanks to our outstanding reliability and service, we offer schools the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Autoclear specializes in the design, manufacture, and support of high-quality security systems through X-ray scanners, metal detection, and the advanced detection of trace particulate vapor explosives and narcotics. Equipping private, military, governmental, and commercial industries with everything they need to protect what matters most.


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