Who We Are

Autoclear LLC specializes in the design, manufacture, and support of high quality, professional security X-ray scanners and metal detection systems, as well as advanced detection of trace particulate and vapor explosives and narcotics. Our company reaches worldwide to supply companies, government facilities, militaries, customs, agricultural and electronics inspection, public venues, and events with progressive and high-quality lines of security equipment. Non-invasive detection of contraband has been our specialty and mission for over 80 years. Our main product lines (X-ray Scanners, Walkthrough & Handheld Metal Detectors, and Explosive & Narcotic Trace Detection Systems) has made us a standalone niche market in our industry for many years.

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Our History


In the early 1930’s, radio pioneer RCA designed a detector that used high frequency electromagnetic waves to identify metal objects. Later in that decade, Federal Laboratories purchased the patent from RCA and engineered the very first metal detectors for correctional facility security based on that technology. During that same era, N.A Philips U.S.A began production of its landmark medical X-ray systems, and in the years that followed, developed that technology for industrial and security screening applications.


Control Screening LLC® was established with the purchase of the North American Philips Security Screening Division. The Scantech® and Dynavision® brands of security scanners set the standards for X-ray inspection across a broad range of high-threat security applications in the U.S. and abroad.
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Federal Laboratories CheckGate® Division was acquired by Control Screening LLC, and with it a legacy of high-performance metal detection technology. Having pioneered fully digital metal detection for superior reliability, uniformity, and accuracy, our company also invented and produced the first digital HandWand TM weapons scanner, the Model 6041.



Control Screening acquired Scintrex Limited and CPAD Holdings from Canadian manufacturer, Intelligent Detection Systems Inc. This move was a successful effort to broaden our technological base to include state-of-the-art trace substance detection; the collection and analysis of particles and vapors at microscopic levels. Scintrex is a global supplier of some of the most sophisticated threat detection products in the industry.

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Present Day

With a new facility in Pine Brook, NJ, our team continues to push the boundaries of security features to provide the highest quality products for our customers.
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Premium Technology

Autoclear’s (and Scintrex’s) innovative field research and creative development work in coherent CRXS diffraction and Compton backscatter X-rays, multi-view X-rays, laser, chemiluminescence, ion mobility spectroscopy, and suicide bomb trace detection have led the industry for two decades. Our novel R&D work is changing the speed, ease, and sophistication of threat detection. These efforts are conducted at our New Jersey headquarters and Ottawa plant by our talented engineering staff and have included special projects for the FAA, DOD, DOJ, and the US Department of Customs, and many international agencies.
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Our New Location

All design, manufacture, and testing are performed at our main plant and headquarters, now located in Pine Brook, New Jersey. A recent move from Fairfield, New Jersey, our new basis of operation provides a better and more streamlined approach to all of the aspects of our industry. We offer comprehensive factory and on-site training, as well as a comprehensive demo room ready and awaiting onlookers. Local individuals and global customers alike can also benefit from our in-house and field service professionals to provide fast, first-rate customer support.