Use AI to Help Detect Concealed Threats

Announcing Autoclear’s AI Threat Assist

AI Threat Assist is easy to use, customizable, and reliable, with dedicated customer support world wide to help you every step of the way.

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AI Threat Assist Helps Uncover:

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The AI Threat Detect Advantage.

Bring your threat detect a-game.

The security and safety challenges are on the rise and changing constantly, and concealed threats such as knives and guns can be difficult to detect.  Autoclear’s AI Threat Assist is the answer.  It gives your organization an extra layer of security capability to help them stay ahead of evolving threats.

The ideal threat detection solution.

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Increase Accuracy

With AI Threat Assist, you can now have an extra set of intelligent eyes to help your security personnel detect potential threats such as guns and knives in X-ray images.
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Auto-Threat Detect

AI Threat Assist alerts operators during the x-ray screening process by automatically providing a visual warning for suspicious items. It can highlight hidden threats that may be difficult for human operators to detect unaided.
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Customized to You

Our collaborative approach ensures that AI Threat Assist is customized to your security needs, adapting and learning new threat items to maximize your safety.
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Improve Operator Effectiveness

This state-of-the-art technology enhances operator efficiency and effectiveness, elevating their confidence and ability to detect threats quickly and accurately.

How it Works

Step 1:

For those with an optical X-ray on/off sensor option and enable the X-ray always toggle mode, press the X-ray button once. The belt will continue running without having to hold down the X-ray button.

Step 2:

The X-ray sensors detect when an object is entering the tunnel and will automatically scan the object, turning off the X-rays when there are no more objects in the tunnel.

Step 3:

With AI Threat Assist, whenever AI Threat Assist detects a potential threat item, it will automatically stop the conveyor belt and display a warning message that must be manually cleared by the operator, before the belt can be started again.

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“We looked at other solutions such as Evolv and determined that AI Threat Assist provides better and more reliable threat detection – at a fraction of the cost.”
– Director of Security, US School Distict.

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AI Threat Assist uses advanced AI computer vision technology to identify and highlight potential threats during the x-ray security screening technology. It can detect threats concealed in backpacks, clothing, purses, bags, etc.
AI Threat Assist can detect concealed a wide variety of concealed items, including guns, knives, and disassembled threats.
In 2024, Autoclear is releasing a version of AI Threat Assist that will detect vapes. Contact Autoclear sales for more information or if there is a unique concealed item your organization needs to detect.
NO. AI Threat Assist is a capability that is seamlessly integrated into Autoclear’s x-ray scanners. For existing Autoclear customers, AI Threat Assist can be added to a system via an in-field upgrade.
AI Threat Assist is designed to make your organization’s security operations more effective and productive.Security staff can detect potential threats faster and more reliably, and spend less time on items that do not contain threats.

AI Threat Assist is easy to use, customizable, and reliable, with dedicated customer support world wide to help you every step of the way.


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