What’s in YOUR bag?

Solutions for complex demands

Ugh. The pain of bringing a bag to a park or stadium.

Of course, there’s a separate, much longer and slower line to stand on.

Then you never know what kind of intrusive search experience your bag will suffer…

Sometimes it’s the over-enthusiastic security guard who inspects every nook and cranny and finds things…obviously suspicious things…that you haven’t seen in years.

Other times it’s the guard who hardly looks in your bag…good for you since you’re not a criminal, but what about that suspicious person behind you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a process available which got you into the park faster, avoided a bag invasion, and was much more effective threat detection and threat deterrence?

Happily, some forward-looking venues have already begun to deploy security x-ray machines at their entrances in addition to the walk-through metal detectors. These machines, just like the ones in airport security, have proven to have many benefits to venue managers and their customers. First and foremost, these x-ray machines do a much better job finding potential threatening objects in customers’ bags. Even more interesting is that our customers have reported finding guns, knives, etc. in the trash cans or taped under the sinks in the rest rooms outside the venue…so the presence of this extra layer of security is keeping dangerous items away from the venue. Aside from enhanced security, these venues report that customers are getting into the park faster, and they are happy not to have a physical search of their belongings.

Autoclear is a leading provider of security x-ray machines to America’s parks and attractions. We are ready to help make your venue safer and your customers happier.

Autoclear is a proud member of IAAPA. Please visit our Booth 7075 outdoors at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando during IAAPA’s Attractions Expo 2017 November 13th through November 17th. Visitors to our booth will be eligible to enter our “Autoclear for a Year Sweepstakes”; one lucky winner will have use of one of Autoclear’s security x-ray machines at their facility in the continental USA for one year…all shipping, installation, training and service included. Please drop by our booth to enter, or send an email with your company name and contact info to autoclearcontest2017@autoclear.com. Winning venue must be located within the contiguous 48 United States. Only entries received between 12:01am EST on November 13th and 2pm EST on November 16th will be eligible. Complete official rules can be read here.