Reconfigured X-Ray Units


FAIRFIELD, N.J., 25 September 2016 – Autoclear, a global designer and manufacturer of leading security screening systems, has recently reconfigured the style of the entrance and exit design of its ultra-compact cabinet X-ray inspection unit, the 4535. The entrance and exit design of the 4535 now follows the same design as its preceding and successful X-ray line. The unit delivers the same speed and detection capabilities of Autoclear’s broad range of direct transmission X-ray systems, while taking up nearly 40% less space and weighing 15% less than the company’s next largest model, the 5333. It is well-suited for screening mail, small parcels, personal items, clothing and shoes.The dual-energy 4535 X-ray scanner features a full suite of image enhancement tools and an intuitive operator interface that makes the system convenient for security professionals as well as operators with minimal technical backgrounds.

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