9000C Portal

The 9000C metal detection portal provides the features of the 9000P in a slim column style. The 9000C delivers low false alarm rates and high throughput. Patented multiple paired antenna coils marginalize false alarms, maximizing detection and reliability.

The portal self adjusts to withstand environmental interference from large static metal objects and heavy local RFI. A dual channel bar graph meter makes it easy to optimize performance in busy locations.

  • 100 standard programs, ferrous and nonferrous metal detection
  • Sensitivity range settings are selectable from 0 to 99 for accurate target detection
  • Cable-free installation with four selectable audio
  • Remote alarm relay and data output connector

Passageway clearance (W x H):
76.0 x 206.0 cm
30.0 x 81.0 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):
22.0 x 119.0 x 229.0 cm
9.0 x 47.0 x 90.0 in.

23 kg
51 lbs.

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